The academic year 2016-17 began with children coming in to the Montessori environment with feelings of joy and happiness.

Orientation Day


New parents were counseled on the day of the orientation. Concept of Montessori method of teaching was explained to the parents.The children presented the work through materials. Recording of their work in the environment was shown to parents.

Independence Day:15-8-16

One of the National festivals of the school is celebrated through dance, children’s slogans, singing of the  independencepatriotic songs, children enacted virtues of mother land. Children performed skits, from Mahatma Gandhi’s and Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s life. Children danced Desham Manathy Tejam Manathy(Telugu), Jai Ho (Hindi), India nadu(Tamil) and Kannada patriotic songs . The programe ended with national anthem.

Dr. Maria Montessori birthday: 31-8-16

6Dr. Maria Montessori is inventor of  Montessori method of teaching.The teachers narrated the childhood stories of Dr. Maria Montessori. Children sang the songs on Maria Montessori and children offered flowers in memory of the great person.

Janmashtami: 25-8-2016

Children celebrated the birthday of Krishna through chanting songs, slokas and 0_1marked the krishna’s foot prints. Older children decorated the pot and hung it in the garden. Krishna’s cradle and the idol was decorated beautifully.

Ganesha Chaturthi: 2-9-2016

g3Children celebrated Ganesha chaturthi through chanting slokas and children offered fruits and beautiful flowers to the Ganesha idol.

Dussehra: 1-10-2016

Dussehra is the day of festival marked as Gombe habba to celebrate victory of 1good over evil.Children danced from different languages- Rama Rama (Telugu),Yellow Junu Junuva(Kannada), Mukunda Mukunda(Tamil), 2 Hindi songs. All songs, dances were picked Keeping the language and culture in mind. Mithrajyothi brings all the parents together in the joy of doll keeping or Gollu.

Diwali: 29-10-2016

2Diwali the festival of lights which the children celebrate with sparkles, diyas and sweets. Children burst the crackers outside of the environment.

Children’s Day: 14-11-16

Teachers Narrated the story of Jawaharlal Nehru.Children took part in games indexand children played running race, musical chairs and frog jump

Parent’s teachers meeting

IMG_0096The Parent’s teachers meeting is the occasion to interact with parents. The feedback from the parent helps their development and improvement in work in the environment.

Christmas: 23-12-16

We celebrate the festival with decoration of crib, tree and star with the lights. 16Christmas day santa came to environment, children were surprised to see him and he distributed the chocolates and cakes.Santa danced along with children. Children sang the Christmas songs and adults narrated story about Christmas.

Sankranthi: 13-01-17

2 We celebrated Sankranthi with colourful rangoli, made pongal with rice. Children performed the pooja and teachers narrated stories of different states how the people celebrated sankranthi.

Observation: February Month

Observation day the parents see their children working with the material and Valedictory day 008how they performed in environment.

School closed for the vacation from March 25. Last working day the children enjoyed playing games and singing songs