In a Montessori class the child's performance is not evaluated by conducting tests or examinations. Instead the child's effort and work is respected as it is. The teacher, through extensive observation and record-keeping, plans individual projects to enable each child to learn what he needs in order to improve. Therefore, observation play an important part in the Montessori Method.
Work Period
Since the basis of the Montessori approach is based on the observation that children learn most effectively through direct experience and the process of Investigation and discovery, days are not divided into fixed time periods for each subjects. Instead, the trained adult offers Presentations of the materials either individually or in small groups. The children are then free to work with these materials as long and as often as necessary.
Concrete to Abstract
The classrooms are filled with hands-on materials. Montessori believed that knowledge proceeds from the hand to the brain. Concrete materials make concepts real, and therefore easily internalized. The student works abstractly (paper and pencil) when he or she has internalized the pattern and no longer needs materials

A Few Words About Mithra Jyothi

Montessori philosophy recognizes that children have a natural drive that inspires them. Their mind are like fertile fields, and their inherent love of learning is stimulated when they are given opportunities to engage in meaningful activities with proper balance of freedom and guidance from specially trained teachers.

Montessori children develop skills of concentration, motivation and self-discipline. Within this framework, each child progresses at his own pace and rhythm, according to his individual capabilities, and is inspired to learn with wonder and confidence.

Mithrajyothi bears witness to availability and brilliance of this educational approach. Mithrajyothi does not cater to a particular type of child exceptionally bright, average and more slowly paced students can blossom in our environment.

Mithrajyothi serves children with a singular mission to enable them to develop their individual gifts within a respectful, loving and supportive environment.

More About Us

Our Branches

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Our center provides the following services

Classical Montessori

Montessori method of teaching strictly followed in Mithra Jyothi.We are very professional in our work.

Day Care Facility

After School day care facility is provided only to the students of Mithra Jyothi

On-Job Training

On-Job Training provided by well qualified & experienced faculty to candidates interested in learning montessori method. 


Consultation and Counselling provided to parents regarding Behavioural issues and/or learning disability in children .

Summer Camp

Montessori related summer camp available for children aged 2 to 8 years

Mithra Jyothi in  NEWS

We have been  featured in Deccan Herald newspaper-an English daily newspaper from Indian state of Karnataka.

Mithra Jyothi Montessori School stands like a ….

Ray of sunlight

for parents who want their children to blossom in natural surroundings

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