Parenting Blues

Blogging I need to start !This has been on my mind from a long time,but the writer’s block kept putting me off.The need to pen my words and not pocket it, has driven me to Blog.

my thoughts set forth “I feel strongly about the world around me”. One day it all fell in place and I set forth,it’s not that, what I write,you all do not know of!but the need to address issues  so  shall be  written.

The children around me are supported by mothers who have grown up with them .so I need to begin with whats up in the list for me.


with  gratitude I pen my words where I see them in collaboration as primary educators and apart of the Montessori world, being there with their children on all celebrations and  I update them with their children’s endeavors and achievements.

Parents helping children to grow into mature and self-reliant adults .They support there children’s creativity to solve problems ,and there by helping children perceive issues in their own manner.

The help as mothers cater to ,fuels their interest and inspiring them to learn at home as well.This can be done by way of  Montessori supportive materials, to take care of themselves and perform tasks to completion.The job at hand is to nurture children’s innate abilities to bring value to themselves.

Parents appreciate and not reward  by stroking to say “you did it on your own”.

They are seen as being naturally patient along with the ability to observe,  to train the eye, where I see the child taking time and succeeding with effort .

Each of these phrases have immense value in a Montessori .I can dwell on them and write pages ,but I have made a beginning so shall see it disseminate .

the larger picture is parents seeing their children as absorbent minds and not a Tabula Rasa.Thank you for your trust in Montessori. we are on the same page!